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In pharmaceutical and food processing sealing applications where cleanliness is critical, PTFE has been the material of choice, until now. Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts offer the same level of cleanliness and universal chemical resistance, but unlike PTFE they have true elastomeric properties and sealing capabilities.

FDA-compliant Kalrez® 6221 and 6230 parts provide low contamination from extractables. They are well-suited for contact with highly pure and aggressive water (WFI) systems and exhibit very low swell and loss of mechanical properties after repeated steam cycling.


DuPont Performance Polymer is the only supplier that manufactures both the Kalrez® polymer and the finished parts made of Kalrez®. We provide full traceability—an attribute that is highly desirable for your critical applications. We offer parts in standard shapes (such as O-rings and our new sanitary seal) and can also produce custom shapes, cord and sheeting.





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